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which car spares do I need?

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where will I get the spares? - new, reconditioned or used
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 bmw car spares BMW Plans To Drive Sales Of Parts Through eBay ebay for car spares

  BMW is the latest large company to sell on ebay.

It has an online shop on ebay UK and plans to sell parts and accessories direct to consumers.

Direct means cutting out the dealer network.

Previously you went all the way to the dealer and placed your order.

Then you waited; now you go to your keyboard, login to ebay and order direct. the full article

How safe is your car?....find out  here... BMW, Honda models do well in 2010 Crh test

Euro NCAP, an independent organization which crash tests cars has published its list of the safest new cars in Europe.

The results are based on crash tests carried out in 2010.

Which did worst?...Cars, vans to avoid here


 China - the world's largest car market
China is the world's largest car market and wants to see millions of electric cars on the road by the end of the decade. 

China wants to become the world leader in 'so-called' clean-energy cars, planning to invest more than $14 billion in new technology by more 

On this page we present a few ideas and suggestions that we hope will help you get more value for your money.. and keep your car on the road for less.

Look out for deals...and don't forget you can always ask for a trade price!

Where to buy Spares & Parts for cars and vans

Main Dealers, Motor Factors, Accessory Shops, Reconditioning Firms, Breakers Yards, eBay, Amazon, Halfords, donorspares..etc

When buying Spares know what You are buying

New Spares from Main dealers...

New and Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM)
....this is the part that you might buy from your local Ford or BMW main dealer. It's made by the same manufacturer who made your car in the first place. These spares will generally be 'good' quality and priced accordingly!

Pattern Spares from Motor Factors, Accessory Shops

These outlets sell new parts... but a copy or pattern of the manufacturer's part.

Try these for Deals...Halfords online.....

less well known but worth a try is Eurocarparts, A1 Motor Stores, Eastern Autospares, GSF,

You'll find your 'local' car spares shop in

Tesco Sainsbury's  John Lewis

pcworld amazon   Argos

dixons mattressman boots
ebay  pricerunner

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